12 make-up inspirations with reddish shadows

Hello girls! The reddish shade has been highlighting and being one of the most beloved trends of it Girls, who love to bet on reddish pink to mark the look. And for those who want to know how to combine or which tone to use … See the tips below:

Reddish shadows for each skin

When it comes to using the shade, choose the one that makes you comfortable, because we know that there is no rules or a pattern of beauty in makeup, and everything that makes us feel good and beautiful is worth it.

But, to help in the choice; the pink tones look wonderful in furs
clear, reddish hues combine with tan skins and the wine tones look amazing on black skins.

Now, let’s practice with these beautiful productions, starting with the beautiful Shay mitchell:

Step 1: apply a primer of shade all over the eyelid then use a brush to deposit the product. Let’s go to the next step.

Step 2: after the shadow is deposited, begin by passing a cuddly brush in circular motions until the shadow spreads.

Step 3:Once this is done, it is time to take a more rosy eyeliner and go across the waterline, also pass the shadow close to the lower eyelashes, then with an illuminator or shimmering shadow make a point of light in the inner corner of the eyes, finalize with false eyelashes or just a mask of eyelashes.

Now that we’ve learned the basics, let’s move on to the next inspirations:

Like any shade, the reddish tint also has the matte and sparkling version. In this makeup we have both, but in different regions. The scintillant was used only on the movable eyelid, while the other was applied to mark the concave up to the eyebrow. A spot of light with the illuminator was done in the inner corner of the eyes and then mascara of eyelashes.

This is very different from the top makeup because the smoky goes to the line close to the lower lashes. Apply the shadow across the eyelid then smudge to get a beautiful result, pass the brown eyeliner in the water line to give a sexier look.

And for those who want to come face to face with this trend but like more basic things, the lighter pink is perfect! This smoky is smoother and matches day to day. Apply a darker shade to the concave and make circular movements, after doing so, take a lighter shade and move in the middle of the eyelid + close to the lower eyelashes, then make circular movements again so the two shadows blend and the result becomes more professional , finish with a lot of mascara.

(Photographs: Pinterest)

Hope you like it.

Kisses Mariessa.


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