6 different Outlined for you to copy

The outlined kitten is always wild when we want to invest in a more elaborate make with more pigmented shadows, but not everyone likes this type of production, and only one outline is enough, even if the trait does not come out completely symmetrical and perfect, but between us even when the drawing does not go as we wish, the result is positive.

So to look for new techniques to invest in this makeup trick is always a way to guarantee a cool look and cool, because every season comes different forms of making our darling outlined.

So for everyone who wants an innovative make, I have separated 6 different outlines so that you can copy the charm of this beautiful detail.

1. Eyeliner dots

(Photograph:Cara Delevingne)

The eyeliner dots is one of those super charming trends. You can pick up the dots because they are very stylish.

Givenchy’s Liner Couture Liner undresses a thicker outline, once done go to the lower eyelashes and make stitches, as many as you think you should.

2. Metallic

(Photograph: Pinterest)

This is a great choice for those who like color with a dash of BRIGHTNESS.

Apply the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner Liquid Lip Liner to the lower lashes from outside to inside.

3. Graphics

(Photograph: Pinterest)

The outlined graphic is great for giving a dramatic touch to the eyes.

Apply Pro Longwear Fluorescent Liner – Mac Gels the outlined or beveled brush to the eyelashes, to make the symmetrical kitten draw the tip with the eyes open looking forward and connect with the line already drawn.

4. Glitter

(Photograph: Pinterest)

Brightness, very bright for those who want to give a glow on make.

With MAC Dazzleliner Liquid Brightening Liner apply close to the eyelashes from the inside out.

5. White outlined

(Photograph: Kristen Stewart)

If you want to leave an illuminated and different look the best option is the outlined white. Despite the delicacy it provides a more obvious look.

Apply Nyx White Liquid Liner to the eyelashes and draw the shape any way you want.

6. Colorful

(Photograph: Pinterest)

If you want something to impact, that’s the style for you.

With the Color Show Maybelline Blue Eye Pencil apply around the entire eye and in the water line, draw the trace next to the lashes, covering its entire length.

Hope you like it.

Kisses, Mariessa.


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