Tips for a Perfect Look Using Blazer

Trends rock the heart of a fashionista. We are crazy about the latest fashion world, wanting to know what are the most used accessories, the clothes, the color, the texture, the haircut that will be on the catwalks and collections of brands. But we have pieces that are wild in any look, that can be used with a thousand outfit without falling into the routine.

The Blazer for example is a very versatile piece in the women’s wardrobe, which goes beyond a work look. As it Girls love to wear it with jeans, dresses, shorts, skirts, with tailor’s pants and even little pajamas.

For you who wants to compose an outfit using Blazer, we separate perfect looks with this beautiful piece.

1. We have a sneaker, a white tank top, a leather skirt and a blazer. Separate simple pieces but together turns into a perfect outfit.

(Photograph: Kaia Gerber)

2. We have already seen that the plaid Blazer will not go out of style any time soon, as fashionistas do not take it out of the body. Combined with a belted body and short jeans it looks gorgeous.

(Photograph: Pinterest)

3. You know that Blazer from your husband that he only wears on important occasions ?!

Yeah, borrow a pair of jeans and a boot, and you’re going to look great.

(Photograph: Pinterest)

4. For those days that we want to be beautiful and comfortable, we have the famous bike shorts, a topper, a bag and the Blazer, make a beautiful hairstyle to finish.

(Photograph: Pinterest)

5. I confess that I love pieces that combine, this is especially perfect, and no matter the color of the Blazer and shorts, always combine with a white t’shirt and look a mistake-free and wonderful look.

(Photograph: Pinterest)

6. Here we have a basic look put on jeans, sneakers and a crochet of the same color as the Blazer and finish with a bag and accessories.

(Photograph: Pinterest)

7. This is for the most daring, just wear a shorts and the Blazer more open with nothing underneath, wear a necklace and look beautiful.

( Photograph: Pinterest)

8. This combination looks great for a work look for being a little more serious, perfect for anyone who wants to keep up with the trend with style at work.

(Photograph: Rosie Huntington)

9. Combination of colors is very high, so make looks with similar tones, wear a glasses and that’s it.

(Photograph: Pinterest)

10. The fashionistas are loving to wear Blazer as a dress, and it really looks beautiful, for those who want to look wonderful in some party invest in this trend that is pumping.

(Photograph: Josefine H. J)

I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses, Mariessa.


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