12 make-up inspirations with reddish shadows

Hello girls! The reddish shade has been highlighting and being one of the most beloved trends of it Girls, who love to bet on reddish pink to mark the look. And for those who want to know how to combine or which tone to use ... See the tips below: Reddish shadows for each skin... Continue Reading →


Earthy shades to inspire you in autumn / winter

One of the trends featured in New York fashion week was the accessories and pieces in earth tones. The nuances range from brown, ocher, mustard, orange and caramel. These colors have never been one of the most fashionistas, but since the fashion world is so unpredictable, they have become the main color chart for fall... Continue Reading →

6 different Outlined for you to copy

The outlined kitten is always wild when we want to invest in a more elaborate make with more pigmented shadows, but not everyone likes this type of production, and only one outline is enough, even if the trait does not come out completely symmetrical and perfect, but between us even when the drawing does not... Continue Reading →

The back of the hair clips

I confess that when I saw that this tendency had returned I was left with one foot behind, but I was not confident that it could look beautiful on me, but since it's all about looking in the mirror and saying: I was beautiful with that, and I'm ready to use it on practically everywhere. ... Continue Reading →

Animal print- How to use?

If you are a person who is interested in fashion, trends already know that the darling of fashionistas is being the animal print. And today I will give you tips on how to use and combine this trend that I love. First we have this beautiful overcoat for a colder day or at night that... Continue Reading →

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